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To my dismay, I received a letter today saying my claim cannot be backdated to 1st Jan.I now attend to appeal and is there anything specific I should write in my appeal to get the backdating of JSA Hello You will need to ask DWP to reconsider their decision.More about the qualifying age for State Pension Credit Housing Benefit.

It is up to you to show that you had good reason throughout the whole period.

Yes there probably will be a queue but there will be a queue most days.

You cannot apply over the internet, but you can download the form from have it filled in before you go. There are 2 different schemes you may be entitled to as a Jobseeker.

I recently received my confirmation for JSA and my request for it to be backdated has been declined, as I didn't show good reason.

I've written to them to take a look at this and would like to know if I'm likely to receive the money?