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The Series EE bond you own from 1983 will reach its final extended maturity in June 2013.At final maturity, the bond stops earning interest.Plus, you may update the redemption values automatically.During our testing we have noticed that the application accomplishes a task quickly and without errors.

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During the extended maturity period, the bond continues to earn interest according to the terms of the extension period.

Here are five basic things to know about savings bonds, and some resources to answer your questions and give you the current valuation of your bonds. Current rates: Currently issued Series EE bonds carry a fixed rate for the first 20 years of the 30-year life of the bond.

For the remaining 10 years, the government may issue a new fixed rate.

Additionally, you may import bonds from HTM and CSV files, and export the inventory items to the same file formats.

Savings Bond Wizard enables you to edit the information for the selected bond, as you can change the values, mark bonds as cashed or exchanged, as well as give details about interest, rate and pricing date, and insert notes.