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Flynn & Sally: When Flynn moved to Summer Bay in 2001 there was an instant connection between the doctor and Sally (Kate Ritchie).The Home and Away reunion of all Home and Away reunions happened in LA over the weekend.Despite some hard times over the years, Alf and Ailsa were married until Ailsa’s death in 2001.An undiscovered heart condition caused Ailsa’s sudden death and shortly after Alf suffered a nervous breakdown.He began seeing visions of his late wife, but these turned out to be the side effects of a brain tumour.Brax & Charlie: Beloved couple Brax (Stephen Peacocke) & Charlie (Esther Anderson) didn’t have the easiest time getting together.At the Cargo Bar celebration, Ray Meagher declared, tongue-in-cheek: "Home and Away is the most financially successful product in the history of the Seven Network.

See more » I have watched Home & Away since 1995, and i have to say it has kept me entertained since then.Moving, Amusing and Emotional Quotes:"I know she's your sister, but dude she's gotta have a piece in her brain missing to act like that" Xavier"Couldn't agree more, even though the piece you're talking about is the bit to do with being able to live in society" Romeo"So what's some advice for married life? Memorize all the exits, know the brace position and just because there a life-jacket under your seat, don't assume you're getting out alive" Romeo -"You can start by calling me Boss, Sir, God, Your Majesty..." Heath Braxton "How come you know so much about it? Smart, handsome, charming..." Casey Braxton"Bit full of yourself over there" Brax "I'm not talking about this with you" Dex"Aww, come on, why not? " Brax "Romeo's sister causing a bit of tension between you two?" Indi"I don't know you very well..." Dex"I'm your sister! " Phoebe"Did you think his name would really be Brax Braxton? " Sid"Mmm, well Mink arrived when me and Romeo were in the middle of a fight and we haven't really finished it..." Indi"Ah... ""Tell me, I'm your baby, and you'll never leave me, forever..." The night of homecoming, everything changed for Betty & Jughead.The old fightus-interruptus" Sid"I know he's probably in MENSA or something like that, but you didn't make me banana bread! " Tatum Novak - Crownies "Esther, did you steal your coat from a homeless person? It's from Bondi market and I quite like it..." Esther Anderson"Did you pay for it? You float along with your little ups and downs and then, pop. When they're reunited four years later, will either of them be able to forgive the other for the life-changing secrets that they have both held close? Join Betty and Jughead's emotional, heartbreaking journey to healing and learning that love really can conquer all... Despite the rough times, these couples either lasted the distance – or were torn apart by tragic circumstances.Wonderful to meet a really down to earth person that's an actor and so easy going.