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Behold its trademark clock tower, designed in the style of Chateau Blois.

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If her father has indeed found out what she's been up to, you'd likely have a knock at your door in short order.You'd do well to consider this a lesson learned, and henceforth do all of your thinking with the big head, because if you leave the little one in charge, you may end up in jail.Texts showed that Weiner, a 52-year-old father of a 4-year-old boy, knew the recipient of his creepy correspondence was no adult.Anthony Weiner could face charges for teen sex chat The knowledge hardly halted the skin-crawling sexual communiqués that could land the disgraced former congressman in the cross hairs of federal or state prosecutors.At the tribunal, Zachariah admitted the online chats but denied misconduct, claiming it was all a fantasy and knew he was not talking to a young girl.But those claims were thrown out by a tribunal panel.then i decided to let her know she was wrong for lying , well then i get text back from her dad threatening my life and saying he turned my info into the cops my question is can i get in trouble?

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Zachariah was later arrested, but no action was taken against him and police reports were instead passed onto his bosses at Gloucester Royal Hospital where he worked as a registrar specialising in Gastroenterology.I could go to jail."You seen what that teacher done with the 15 yr old and took her to France.And where is he now.''Other posts read: "You are single cute and inexperienced."I would love to get you on the right path, the one that leads to my bed.One of his creepy posts read: "It is a turn on to teach you everything.Trust me, I'm a doctor." Another referred to jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest, who eloped to France with a 15-year-old girl, and said: "I am three times your age lol."Society makes it illegal but nature takes its course."I won't joke about this to anyone.Here’s a list of 12 SFW texts that you can copy word for word, or use as a starting point to craft your own. The best playful texts are those straight from your heart.