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Dixon and some pals had chatted up some women “thinking they were girls” on Eighth Avenue near the corner of West 148th Street.
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"But, like, if I'm walking with my friends, and my car is parked on the street, and they don't realize it, I'll be like, ' Hey, guys!' and kick it, and they'll get really freaked out. " Cera, 22, admires his kickable car for a moment, arms folded, blocking any view of its interior. A suitcase sits plopped on the passenger seat, sprung open, clothes mashed in and overflowing. It's overstuffed with winter clothes, books, big blankets, CDs, DVDs, random pieces of fabric, wadded-up pieces of paper, a keyboard, batteries, various geologic-like strata of detritus and crud. Look at how the sun lights him up -his signature helmet hair and big, brown saucer eyes, the sweet, winning boyish grin, his cordu­roy trousers belted strangely high and polo shirt buttoned to the very tippy-top button.Just look at him, everything about him - he's the biggest nerdo square doofus of all time, every mother's dream but by no mea­sure of any kind a Hollywood movie star. He bought it around the time he left the suburbs of Toronto and was playing George Michael on the loony, lovely, too-short-lived TV show .But she does represent a large bracket of girls who go largely underrepresented in film.She feels pressures from a variety of sources to look and act a certain way and to, of course, fall in love. Her apprehension to falling in love is another novel take on the classic love story. She’s simply a laid-back girl, unlike the sex-crazed husband-hunters we’re used to seeing in most romantic comedies.

What’s your practical advice for someone who just moved into their car? I wrote a poem about my boyfriend eating a burrito really great just last week. A lot of the children are being sponsored so they can finish school and get out of the slums.

And here’s where things get interesting — Yi is playing Yi and Cera is playing Cera, but Jasenovec is played by Jake M. It appears that the on the street interviews are real, but most of the film is certainly scripted.

The tension eventually threatens to tear the budding relationship apart and derail the documentary completely.

Did costars Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi actually date, or was their entire “relationship” staged as a sort of ultra-meta Andy Kaufman meets is a puzzle box of a movie.

Too, the interviews with stories about true love appear to be legit, even as the stories the people tell seem to be bigger than life.