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The official copy of the approved policy manual shall be maintained by the vice-president, whose duty it shall be to ensure that the policy manual is kept up to date and that copies of new policies are distributed to all holders of policy manuals.

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He bought all 300 acres and presented the property to Teddy Roosevelt and the US Government as a gift. Just as William Kent sought to conserve the Redwood Grove, Stephen Kent Savage continues the tradition and leads 1908 Brands to help consumers make environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives.

An extensive line of natural cleaning and laundry products. Compo Keeper was founded on the premise of making in-home composting simpler and cleaner, thereby increasing the number of people adopting eco-friendly behavior in their everyday lives. Paleo, gluten-free, grain-free and (most importantly) TASTY!

We believe that everyone deserves love and we focus on the unique niche of singles in mid-life who were READY for a relationship or READY to do their work to find and build and amazing relationship, and be a part of a community of people who were authentically focused on relationships.

” elicited dozens of answers including, “bro culture,” “shaming of weakness,” “objectifying male gaze” directed at women, “bottom shaming” among homosexuals and “violence.” When asked to define “masculinity,” participants identified positive traits such as “provider,” “protective” and “supportive,” as well as negatives ones like “arrogance,” “don’t express feelings” and “superficial.” The idea that masculinity should only apply to men, cisgender or otherwise, was identified as one of many “obstructions to the concept of masculinity.” “Too often we observe gender as binary, meaning one’s gender identity is either masculine or feminine,” Mc Leod explains.

You may WANT a relationship, but are you READY for it?

AND…If you know what type of dating you are doing, are you making that clear to your dates?

“Because of this, men don’t often see their behaviors as toxic.

It takes self-reflection and self-understanding to unpack one’s behaviors and develop the consciousness to present their masculinity in a more healthy manner.” After a brief introduction by Mc Leod and Flores, the 14 attendees — only three of whom were men — broke up into small groups and approached one of six stations, each featuring a large piece of paper including a prompt, such as, “____ taught me that to be a man, you have to ____.” The participants took a few minutes to write down words and phrases in response to the prompts, rotated to the next several stations, and once back at their original spots, shared the findings with the group.